riddingoutofbounds-deactivated2: you don't post ingredients for all your yummy foods? :[

I do for the recipes. If you mean I haven’t posted anything lately, that is because the blog is on hiatus. I plan to take it off hiatus soon or make a new health food blog. :)

littlemink: i hope your blog comes back soon! i love all the photos and recipes that are on here. each and every one of them are inspirational! :DD ☆★☆★

I plan to come back soon! Prepare for a grand re opening!

ohhhwhale: Adore your blog lovely! :)

Thanks :)

May. 12. 2011

This blog.

This blog is on hiatus for the time being. I am deciding if I am moving this blog to another one or if I am keeping this one. So enjoy all the pictures that is on the blog now and I will post some later on this blog or on the new one.


lilyskinned: Your blog is BEAUTIFUL!

Thanks! :D I am debating on whether I should make a new blog for this or keep it just the way it is :)

doitforreal: Can we have some oats and nuts and olives tomorrow? :)

Will not post anymore until I decide if I am moving the blog or not. Most likely, I will. I AM IN THE PROCESS of moving another blog. When I am done with that, I WILL MOVE THIS ONE. Ask again on the new blog and I WILL POST IT :) <3333

takeastepbackandlove-deactivate: Are you still looking for someone to help you with this blog?
I promoted it on my weightloss blog. It really inspires me.
I love the idea of it, and if you still are, please message me!
Thank you <3


Yes, I am looking for someone to help me with this blog. I MAY BE moving this blog soon. I AM GLAD YOU PROMOTED IT =D

Write me back if you are still interested.<3

wokeupwithglitterinmyhair: do u drink green tea to help u lose weight?

NOPE, BUT I WILL start drinking it :)

April. 30. 2011


The reason I have not posted on here on so many days is because I am thinking about remaking the healthy food blog. RIGHT NOW, it is just a side blog. I want to make an actual tumblr for it, organize it more, and eventually make it into a website. If you support my decision, please write me in the ask box and let me know.

I am still looking for more people to help me out. I have one person who already asked, but I am not contacting that person until I get the new blog up and running :)



sticks-nd-bones: I actually found a website full of just tofu recipes. thank you anyway (:

Can you send me the link to the site? I am on a diet and I want to try tofu that is really low cal.

healthy food lover(s)<333

Welcome to the Healthy Food blog! You will find healthy food pictures and recipes here. It could inspire you to eat healthy and/or keep you from abandoning your recovery; if you are recovering from an eating disorder. Look down below and click on a specific tag, if you are looking for something in particular.♥ If you do not see a tag that you would LOVE to see(i.e. a type of fruit or vegetable), then contact me through the ask box. It HAS to be health related. Before you write me in my ask, please read the Ask Rules!
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